Second Win for Wineurasia Motorsport!

Sunday, May 29 2016
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Wineurasia Motorsport have claimed the top step of the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup podium for the 2nd time this weekend, with Matthew Solomon and Aidan Read leading for nearly the whole race in the #94 Ligier JSP3 at the Sepang International Circuit. The #1 DC Racing Ligier came 2nd, with James Winslow and Dean Koutsoumidis at the wheel, and the #27 Nexus Infinity ADESS 03 was third, driven by Adrian D’Silva and Garnet Patterson.

Starting on pole for the second race of the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup, Matthew Solomon took a great start in the #94 Wineurasia Motorsport Ligier JSP3, quickly creating a wide gap to his nearest rivals, which turned out to be the #1 DC Racing Ligier JSP3. Having missed out on qualifying and the 1st race yesterday due to gear box issues, the #1 DC Racing Ligier managed to take part today thanks to a true show of sportsmanship from Team AAI who could not compete today due to a cracked gearbox, and who donated a part to the #1 DC Racing Ligier JS P3 so that they could race today. Jamie Winslow and Dean Koutsoumidis made the most of the opportunity and delivered a great performance, starting from last on the grid and making their way up into 2nd by the end of the 1st lap. Although they tried hard to reach them, the duo of Solomon and Aidan Read were too fast for them to catch up.

The #27 Nexus Infinity had a good consistent race, with Adrian D’Silva and Garnet Patterson going from their 5th place on the grid up into 3rd and holding that place for the majority of the race; they started to challenge the #1 DC Racing Ligier by the end, and crossed the line in third.

The PRT Racing Ginetta LMP3, due to a problem with the oil pressure and a few spins on track, struggled a bit in today’s race and finished 4th, but Charlie Robertson still succeeded in setting the fastest lap of the race with a time of 2:00.686.

Sebastien Mailleux and Neric Wei in the #68 PS Racing Ligier JS53 had a good clean race. Mailleux took the start from 2nd place on the grid, managing to avoid the faster cars on the opening straight, and kept a good steady pace before handing over to Wei for the 2nd stint, where Wei brought it home in 4th place overall.

The GT Cup class saw the most action, with a close fight from start to finish between the #77 Team NZ Porsche GT3 Cup and the #28 Team Lotus HK Lotus Evora GTC. John Curran in the #77 Porsche GT3 Cup started from the back of the field, having missed qualifying yesterday, but this didn’t get in his way, as he quickly joined the head of the pack and started to battle Dominic Ang in the #28 Team Lotus HK Lotus Evora GTC. Curran took the class lead and held onto it until the pitstops. Once the pitstops were over, the #28 was in the lead again, with Anthony Chan in the car, but Graeme Dowsett in the #77 caught up to him to claim the class win. The #28 Team Lotus HK Lotus Evora GTC crossed the line 2nd in class, and the #11 Team Lotus HK Lotus Evora GTC, driven by Robert Webb came third.

This has been a great opening weekend for the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup, with a diverse grid of cars and drivers, and we are expecting more teams to be joining the field for the next two rounds.

See you from the 5-7th of August for the 2nd round of the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup, held again at the Sepang International Circuit!


Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup – Race 2 – Results


#94 WINEURASIA Motorsport Ligier JSP3

Matthew Solomon : “Fantastic weekend for the team. They’ve done an amazing job since the start of the weekend. Everything’s been going forward since we got here. I took the start and pulled a decent gap, and just managed to conserve and save everything, bring it back for the pit stop and hand over to Aidan who did a fantastic job to bring it home. We were very comfortable on the car for our first weekend in LMP3, which is amazing. Great job by our team on all fronts. I’m really happy with the way it went, and hopefully we’ll be back to continue this performance.”

Aidan Read: “Like Matt said, we’ve been making good steps with the car since the start of the weekend. It’s my first time in LMP3s, so I’ve been feeling more and more comfortable. The setup’s been going in the right direction. Today was a well set car, and I think we’re happy with the performance. Matt did a good job in qualifying to put us on pole and just kept that momentum going and pulled in a nice big lead. It was very comfortable and we’re very happy with the car. We’re both happy with today’s race. When he handed it over to me, it was just about controlling things and bringing the race home, which is an awesome feeling to come home with two wins this weekend. Congrats to the team, it’s a great result for them, they’ve put in a lot of hard work.”


#1 DC Racing Ligier JSP3

Dean Koutsoumidis: “It’s really nice to be back in a prototype car in Sepang. We had a few gearbox problems, which resulted in us missing quali and race 1, but through the hard work and the good will of a couple of teams, we got back for this race. We’re ecstatic to be sitting here. The car had good pace and we did the best we could. We’re very happy. I’d like to thank Eurasia and DC Racing for making this possible.”

James Winslow: “As it’s been said, we missed yesterday’s race and quali, and so had to start from the rear of the pack, made a reasonable start, got into second position on the first or second lap. Matt did a great start in the Wineurasia car and I couldn’t keep up with his pace. We had some minor issues but these two drivers drove fantastically, so congrats to them. And Garnet and Adrian drove a great race to give us a race to the chequered flag. A big thank you to DC Racing and Eurasia. It was good to be in an LMP3 car for the first time.”


#27 Nexus Infinity ADESS 03

Adrian D’Silva: “It’s the first time I’m in a prototype. I really enjoyed this weekend. I’ve got to thank Cyrille for putting this all together. I think we’ll have more cars here next round, which will be great fun. A lot of young drivers, myself being one of the veterans, struggling with the heat and keeping pace with all of them. Otherwise it’s been a great weekend. We’ve got some issues to deal with the car, which we’ll sort out by the next round. We hope to see you all up here again.”

Garnet Patterson: “I’d really like to thank Adrian, CQ, the whole team and Infinity Race Engineering for giving me a chance this weekend. It was really good. It’s my first race out of open wheel cars. It’s been a really good weekend. We had a really good race. Adrian had a good first stint, handed the car over quite well. I knew that James and Dean had a pretty good lead and tried to put my head down and put in consistent times to try and catch them. I could see I was getting closer, but time was running out. Credit to everyone else for the great race. It’s really good being here and hopefully we can develop the car; it’s got a few little issues, but it’s very promising first race. Really good speed. If we keep developing and catch the Ligiers, it could be a great year. I’d really like to thank everyone for the opportunity.”


#68 PS Racing Ligier JS 52

Sebastien Mailleux: “Thanks first of all to PS Racing; we really had a great car again today. My mission for the first stint was really to come home safely for Neric, so to save the tyres, as we started on an old set of tyres. So I went pretty slow and steady for the run. We had a few issues with the radio, but it little else. The Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup is a very good series, I hope it will have a very strong future in the region.”

Neric Wei: “Firstly I need to thank the team and all the boys from PS Racing. They’re doing a fantastic job. The car has been pretty good. We’ve only used one set of tyres for two races. The aim was to bring the race home and be safe. I think next time at Sepang we’ll be pushing a bit harder and we’ll see where we get.”


#77 Team NZ Porsche GT3 Cup

Graeme Dowsett: “It was a bit of a fight, yesterday as well. Unfortunately we didn’t finish. Thank you very much to the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup. I think it’s an excellent platform and I look forward to next race weekend. From our side, we all enjoyed it. We were catching our tail a bit with just getting the car mid-day Thursday and completing about 4 laps each prior to race 1. It’s good to get a result to race 2. Thank you very much to all the guys in the team, Will Bamber, our team engineer, and everyone else involved. Thanks also to the guys we’re racing with. It’s very clean racing and there’s no incidents which is what I think we’re all after at the end of the weekend. Thank you very much and looking forward to next weekend!”

John Curran: “I’d like to reiterate what Graeme said and also thanks to the sponsors and to the race organisers for working with us to get us out on track. Unfortunately yesterday didn’t go as planned, but we made up for it today. It’s been an awesome weekend and see you guys for rounds 3 and 4.”



Wineurasia Motorsport车队在亚洲勒芒冲刺杯再下一城,里德(Aidan Read)和苏诚峻(Matthew Solomon)驾驶94号Ligier JSP3赛车获得第二场比赛的冠军。DC Racing车队的温斯路(James Winslow )和库索米迪(Dean Koutsoumidis)驾驶1号Ligier赛车获得第二,Nexus Infinity车队的迪士华(Adrian D’Silva)和派特森(Garnet Patterson)驾驶27号ADESS 03获得第三。

亚洲勒芒冲刺杯第二场比赛中,Wineurasia Motorsport车队的苏诚峻(Matthew Solomon)驾驶94号Ligier JSP3从杆位出发,一起步就迅速拉开与对手、DC Racing车队的1号Ligier JSP3的距离。DC Racing车队的1号Ligier JSP3因变速箱故障错过排位赛和第一场比赛。Team AAI车队发扬运动员精神,借给DC Racing车队一个零部件,否则后者今天仍然会因为变速箱毁损而无法参赛。温斯路和库索米迪把握机会发挥出色,从最后一位发车,第一圈结束已经升至第二。尽管他们拼命追赶苏诚峻和里德(Aidan Read)驾驶的前车,仍然无能为力。

Nexus Infinity车队的27号ADESS 03表现稳定,迪士华(Adrian D’Silva)和派特森(Garnet Patterson)从第五位起步,升至第三位,在比赛中大多数时间都保持在第三位。比赛接近尾声时,他们向DC Racing车队的1号Ligier JSP3发起攻势,最终第三个冲线。

PRT车队的 Ginetta LMP3在今天的比赛中遇到一些困难,因为压力在赛道上数次打滑,最终以第四名完赛,不过罗伯森(Charlie Robertson)仍然做出了本场最快圈速,2分00秒686。

驾驶68号Ligier JS53的PS Racing车队车手麦礼斯(Sebastien Mailleux)和蔚超音干净利落完成比赛。麦礼斯从第二位起步,在大直道成功避开快车,保持稳定的速度,之后交棒给蔚超音,蔚超音最终第四个冲线。

GTCup组别的竞争最激烈。Team NZ车队的77号保时捷GT3 Cup和Team Lotus HK车队的28号Lotus Evora GTC从起步一直缠斗到结束。因为未能参加昨天的排位赛,John Curran(库伦)驾驶77号保时捷GT3 Cup从后排起步,丝毫不受影响,他迅速攀升至前列,并开始与Team Lotus HK车队驾驶28号Lotus Evora GTC的洪(Dominic Ang)展开竞争。最终库伦胜出,取得组别领先,直至进站时段到来。进站时段结束后,28号再度取得领先,但陈健强被77号的多塞特(Graeme Dowsett)超越,最终后者获得组别第一。Team Lotus HK车队的28号Lotus Evora GTC第二个冲线,Team Lotus HK车队韦伯(Robert Webb )驾驶的11号Lotus Evora GTC获得第三。