Defending Champion returns to the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup

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Infinity Race Engineering announced today it will enter its Adess LMP3 in the 2017 Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup. The Australian and Malaysian based entry will be raced by 2016 Sprint Cup Champion James Winslow, and Australian Neale Muston.

Neale Muston: “After a solid season of prototype racing in the 2016 Asian Le Mans Endurance series, and other one-off events, I’m eager to participate in the 2017 Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup with defending champion James Winslow. We are hoping to form a winning team with Infinity Race Engineering providing mechanical and tactical expertise for the Adess LMP3.”

James Winslow: “I’m looking forward to joining the 2017 Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup with my friend Neale, and getting the chance to defend our title after winning the inaugural Cup last year. The Adess chassis impressed me last season and we are looking forward to showing it’s full potential this season alongside Infinity Race Engineering. Hopefully we will be able to repeat our winning form!”

CQ Loh, Infinity Race Engineering: “It’s a great feeling to have the opportunity to be back in the Sprint Cup again and especially so with the ADESS 03. Last season, we lifted a few eyebrows with the glimpse of the potential within the AD03 chassis. And now with the proven pairing of Neale Muston and James Winslow, we are definitely looking forward to the competitive racing the LMP3 platform provides. Being the only ADESS in competition globally, it certainly feels a little bit like David vs Goliath! There nothing better than stepping up to the challenge and going against the odds.”

Cyrille Taesch Wahlen, Asian Le Mans Managing Director: “I am very pleased to welcome Infinity Race Engineering back, and to welcome back our reigning Champions! We wish them the best of luck!”